Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Very high-most people don't want to leave! - Jul 2013

Very high. - Jun 2013

Very high. - Jul 2012

generally great. Some people have a hard time finding their niche because it is so big. - Oct 2011

Mostly good. We appreciate Thais for being accommodating and great to live alongside. Unfortunately, some people come here to complain and moan about how Thais can't do anything right. These people, though, can be avoided and ignored. - Aug 2011

High! - Jul 2011

I think it's generally pretty high. Not everyone ends up thinking this is the dream post they expected, but many are sad to leave -- from what I've seen. - Feb 2011

Very good (except during the present violence). - May 2010

Seems to be pretty high. Men seem to LOVE it here! - Apr 2010

very good - Jan 2010

Let's see here---my husband and I are both employed, my children love their school, and we spend most weekends out and about. In short, we're very happy here. From what I've seen, those who are less enthusiastic than we are seem to be so because the trailing spouse is unemployed, at home bored, or is a younger mother at home with younger children while hubby is putting in 12 hours at work everyday. It's actually unfortunate to be living in one of the most exciting places in the world and being unhappy. In my opinion, under these circumstances, these people would be unhappy, regardless of where they were living, be it in Bangkok, Rome, or Paris. Over all, the folks we know and work with are pretty happy, and they relish the fact that you can wear shorts and flip flops year 'round, and a the beach is only 2 1/2 hours away. - Jul 2009

Outstanding. - Apr 2009

For us, very high. Other families struggle if one of the spouses is unhappy. Being the trailing spouse, I found things to get involed in. I coach basketball and softball as well as play in a local softball league made up mostly of Americans. I also volunteer a lot at my daughter's school and spend lots of time with my 2 year old son. Get involved and you'll enjoy life more here. The Thai people are great. - Feb 2009

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