Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Huge community and generally positive morale. - Feb 2023

Massive. Lots of expats here from everywhere in the world. Morale seems mixed. Single men love it here. Single woman not so much. Married couples with kids morale is a direct correlation to their happiness with the school their kids are in, and that is true anywhere in the world. - Jan 2023

Massive. One of the biggest expat populations in East Asia, since Bangkok is a diplomatic, business, and UN / NGO hub for Southeast Asia. Morale is correspondingly high: Bangkok is a delightful place to live in if you like megalopolises. Those most unhappy here are those who don't like large, busy, dense cities. - May 2022

Large expatriate community and good overall morale. - Aug 2019

Check post profiles on the DoS Intranet. - Jun 2018

Big community, expats from all over the world, you can find your niche... - Apr 2017

Very large. Morale seems to be quite good. - Nov 2016

Huge, huge, huge. Most people love it here. Many stay forever. - Aug 2015

Massive (the U.S. Embassy alone is over 400 direct-hire employees) and very very good. I have met few expats who didn't love Bangkok. They practically had to drag me kicking and screaming to the airport. - Aug 2014

VERY large and, generally, very good. - May 2014

Huge expat community. Many people love it here. Many people find the traffic, noise, heat, distance from nature, lack of community to be challenging. Also, a huge expat community means that people aren't as friendly as they might be at a smaller post. - Oct 2013

Very large-Bangkok is a melting pot, filled with multi-national companies and embassies. - Jul 2013

Large. - Jun 2013

Huge. - Jul 2012

huge - Oct 2011

Throughout Bangkok it is huge. Almost every street will have a few expats. - Aug 2011

Huge! - Jul 2011

Enormous. Embassy Bangkok is somwhere around the 4th-largest worldwide, I believe, and there is a huge population of other Americans working here with oil companies and so forth. Tons of interesting folks from other countries mixing it up, though it can be somewhat clubby. - Feb 2011

Very large from English teachers to diplomats to retirees. - May 2010

very large in bangkok, if in right area - Jan 2010

Ginormous! The bulk of the expats are from either the corporate and or the oil & gas sector. - Jul 2009

HUGE. - Apr 2009

Very large and diverse. There are many Asian expats here from Japan and Korea as well as a sizable and historic Indian and Chinese population. There are many people from Western Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand. The US and Latin American expat presence is also quite large. - Feb 2009

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