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English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

Yes. - Jul 2013

Yes. Usually provided by the building. - Jun 2013

Our TV/internet package is $100 a month and we have several English channels that get the latest shows from US, Australia, and UK. Bangkok Post is English language and pretty good. - Oct 2011

Bangkok Post and The Nation. Passable newspapers and TV are available but quite expensive for decent English channels. - Aug 2011

Bangkok Post and The Nation are local papers in English. Local TV is mostly in Thai with CNN International, BBC, and a few others in English. I don't know the cost because I use a slingbox, and you should, too! - Jul 2011

Bangkok Post; IHT. Not sure of cost. - Feb 2011

Yes, several English channels are available via satellite. There are two English newspapers _Bangkok Post_ and _The Nation_--the quality isn't terrific, but it's okay. A satirical online paper called _Not the Nation_ is incredibly funny and often has very insightful humor. - May 2010

yes, there is cable tv here with many english channels.about $35/month - Jan 2010

There are several english-language newspapers available here, and just like in the good ole U.S. of A., can have your paper delivered daily to your home. - Jul 2009

Bangkok Post is a decent EL paper. IHT is available. - Apr 2009

Bangkok Post and the Nation are local english papers. IHT and WSJ-Asia are also easy to get here. - Feb 2009

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