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What English-language religious services are available locally?

Plentiful in just about any religion or denomination: mosques, shabbat/Jewish, Catholic services (in multiple locations), a wide variety of Protestant denominations and flavors (from traditional mainline to evangelical/charismatic), LDS/Mormon. After all, Bangkok has a huge English-speaking expat community. - May 2022

There is a non-denominational church withing the Nichada gates, a Morman church close by as well as a Catholic church. Several options downtown as well. - Aug 2019

I am aware of a Catholic church close to the embassy, a Baptist church, and there is a Chinese Christian church somewhere downtown. - Jun 2018

Catholic churches, Mormom, Jewish, Muslim - Aug 2015

I think all major denominations - but I am not sure. - Aug 2014

Mostly multi-denominational churches. - Jul 2013

Yes. Not sure which ones. - Jun 2013

We go to a great Catholic church with many masses in English. All of our friends who want to go to church have found churches they like. - Oct 2011

Several Catholic, Protestant, and Mormon churches in Bangkok with services in English. - Jul 2011

There is a Roman Catholic church directly across street from embassy and also one near the Oriental hotel. Not sure about others. There is a community church at NIchada, which is very active with lots of community service opportunities. - Feb 2011

Yes. Catholic, Anglican services, mosques, not sure of others. - May 2010

Thailand is a Buddhist country but they respect other religions and have several locations throughout the city to worship if you are Muslim or Christian. - Apr 2010

yes, but not many churches here--mostly buddhist temples and some mosques - Jan 2010

It's all here: B' hai, Scientology, LDS, mosques, synogogues (3), Christian churches- to include Pentecostol, and Seventh Day Adventists. And it goes without saying that there are plenty of Buddhist and Hindu temples here as well. - Jul 2009

All. - Apr 2009

Many Christian denominations. There is also a Shabbat house here. - Feb 2009

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