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What English-language religious services are available locally?

I think everything: big expat community in general. - Feb 2023

I'm a practicing Catholic, so I can only really comment on the Catholic Churches. We attend Our Lady of Mercy which is about 15mins north of Nichada, and it offers one Sunday English mass and English faith formation classes (CCD). Holy Redeemer downtown (very close to US Embassy) offers multiple English masses on Saturday and Sundays, and CCD. Note that most parishes are open air - so prepare for church to be a hot event. Multiple other Christian denominations are present, and many offer English services, I just don't know how far away those churches are from Nichada. - Jan 2023

Plentiful in just about any religion or denomination: mosques, shabbat/Jewish, Catholic services (in multiple locations), a wide variety of Protestant denominations and flavors (from traditional mainline to evangelical/charismatic), LDS/Mormon. After all, Bangkok has a huge English-speaking expat community. - May 2022

There is a non-denominational church withing the Nichada gates, a Morman church close by as well as a Catholic church. Several options downtown as well. - Aug 2019

I am aware of a Catholic church close to the embassy, a Baptist church, and there is a Chinese Christian church somewhere downtown. - Jun 2018

Catholic churches, Mormom, Jewish, Muslim - Aug 2015

I think all major denominations - but I am not sure. - Aug 2014

Mostly multi-denominational churches. - Jul 2013

Yes. Not sure which ones. - Jun 2013

We go to a great Catholic church with many masses in English. All of our friends who want to go to church have found churches they like. - Oct 2011

Several Catholic, Protestant, and Mormon churches in Bangkok with services in English. - Jul 2011

There is a Roman Catholic church directly across street from embassy and also one near the Oriental hotel. Not sure about others. There is a community church at NIchada, which is very active with lots of community service opportunities. - Feb 2011

Yes. Catholic, Anglican services, mosques, not sure of others. - May 2010

Thailand is a Buddhist country but they respect other religions and have several locations throughout the city to worship if you are Muslim or Christian. - Apr 2010

yes, but not many churches here--mostly buddhist temples and some mosques - Jan 2010

It's all here: B' hai, Scientology, LDS, mosques, synogogues (3), Christian churches- to include Pentecostol, and Seventh Day Adventists. And it goes without saying that there are plenty of Buddhist and Hindu temples here as well. - Jul 2009

All. - Apr 2009

Many Christian denominations. There is also a Shabbat house here. - Feb 2009

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