Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

A few local providers; they're fine and moderately priced. - Feb 2023

Get a local provide and switch out your SIM. - Jan 2023

So many options. I use a local plan (AIS, which I hear has the best rural coverage, which is important to me here) but there are other providers (True, etc.) which are just as good. Thais love their mobile phones and 5G speed and cheap data plans are the norm. You'll find mobile service to be cheaper and more flexible here than in the United States, in general. - May 2022

We use True for cable, internet, and mobile phones. - Aug 2019

AIS is the main provider. Bring an unlocked phone. I did not keep my home plan. I play less than $30 a month for phone service. Texting is usually an additional charge but super cheap, however, most people use apps. Download LINE and whatsApp if you don't already have it. - Jun 2018

Bring or buy an unlocked phone (widely available in Bangkok at MBK mall) and buy a local SIM card- either pre-pay ("top-up") at 7-11 or at mall kiosks, or you can set up a cheap monthly plan with your carrier. - Apr 2017

AIS, True, DTAC are all basically the same. We've had good service and for a 3G 1Gb monthly plan I pay $6. Literally, $6. - Nov 2016

You need an unlocked one. - Aug 2015

There are three major local carriers: AIS, TRUE, DTAC. All are relatively the same - AIS has the widest national cellular coverage, but TRUE's data service seems to be better in Bangkok. Everyone says DTAC isn't good, but I had friends that used it and seemed happy. You may purchase a post paid plan for about US$30 a month. - Aug 2014

Get one here. Very cheap to have a phone here and generally very reliable. - May 2014

True is good. - Jul 2013

No, sorry, I used the one give to me by the embassy. - Jun 2013

Local calling plans are quite cheap. I use True. My wife uses AIS. - Jul 2012

Cheap, easy to buy and add a sim card to. - Oct 2011

AIS has a good network. - Aug 2011

Cell phones are available and SIM cards are cheap. - Jul 2011

It's changing. More folks seem to have BlackBerries and iPhones. I'm a dinosaur and bought a cheap model here with new SIM card. It's what most folks have done. Ditch your U.S. cell phone unless you need it, or contact someone here for the most up-to-date info. - Feb 2011

We got a pay as you go plan, although I believe the embassy issues phones to all employees, too. We bought used phones at MBK mall and bought a SIM card veeery cheaply that allowed texting and phone calls for less than $10/month. - May 2010

cheap to use, chips are interchangeable so you can go from country to country with the same phone, just changing the chip.i buy minutes.using a cell phone here is very simple and inexpensive - Jan 2010

Just as anywhere else in the world, they're perceived as a necessity. The Thais are cell phone fanatics. There's a cell phone shop on every other corner, and they are always full of customers. For the younger generation, their phone is a status symbol. So the fancier it is (with jewels & gadgets), the more noticeable you are. Well, that's what they tell me anyhow... - Jul 2009

You can buy any types of phone, cheap. A sim card is only US$3-4 dollars and can be used right away. they are available at all 7-11's and everyplace in between. - Apr 2009

Buy a local prepaid wireless phone. I hear many of the service plans can be difficult to manage and are a bit opaque. The rates on prepaid wirless are very reasonable for calling the states. - Feb 2009

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