Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Affordable, yes, and most people take taxis. The metro is nice, air-con controlled, easy to navigate, but not totally extensive throughout the city. I imagine the bus is okay, but would be hot with no a/c and might be confusing to navigate the system without Thai language skills. - Feb 2023

Easy to get taxis and I highly recommend the Grab app, its the Uber of Thailand and is also used to deliver take out. Metro is safe and easy. - Jan 2023

Subway system (BTS, MRT, Airport Link): Modern, affordable, very convenient (especially during rush hour). Everyone uses these, including expats. Taxis/Rideshare: Very affordable; rideshare (Grab is the main one) is more expensive but more reliable, but in any case much cheaper than the U.S. rates for Uber and Lyft. An occasional unscrupulous taxi driver in a tourist area may try to take advantage of a foreigner, but with a bit of taxi Thai I've almost never had a cheating attempt, and the taxi rates are insanely low ($5 to get halfway across the city). Public Bus: Plentiful, but slow and easily trapped in traffic. Extremely cheap ($0.50 or less). I've taken them a few times but more out of curiosity than for any practical reason. You probably won't ever need to take these unless you feel nostalgic for your backpacker days. Intercity rail: Inefficient, outdated, and doesn't go to many other cities, but fun to try at least once for the nostalgic/touristic value. Domestic Flights: Plentiful, generally cheap (except during peak vacation seasons, like anywhere), and dominated by low-cost carriers. This is the way to get around and see the rest of Thailand. - May 2022

Yes, and all very cheap. - Aug 2019

Local buses are a no-go but some people take the long haul buses for trips to other areas. Most people just hire a driver to take them places for long weekend trips. Trains are safe. Taxis are safe, but most don't have working seat belts. Uber is no longer in Thailand so you have to use the GrabTaxi app which works in many Asian countries or just hail a taxi off the street. - Jun 2018

The BTS sky train and the MRT are great, but only serve a small part of the sprawling city. You can get a pre-paid Rabbit Card for the BTS, but need a different card for the MRT, although rumor has it they will be combined soon into one common payment card. Uber taxis are prevalent, as are regular taxis. Moto taxis are also everywhere. Cheap, cheap, cheap. - Apr 2017

They are available and affordable, yes. After 18 months we've honestly had it with the taxis, though. Endless attempted illegal haggling, they rarely know where they are going unless you're going to major areas in Bangkok, lots of unsafe driving, the taxis usually don't have seat belts, etc. I understand that cabbies in large, sprawling cities can be unique characters, but for a city that purports to be as developed as Bangkok does, the taxi situation is honestly ridiculous. We use Uber almost exclusively now and it's worked out pretty well. - Nov 2016

Taxis are safe, plentiful, and cheap. The BTS in Bangkok is modern, safe, and inexpensive, but it only covers a small portion of the city. - Aug 2015

Yes. Long distance buses can be dangerous only because of accidents, but otherwise they are safe. Taxis are safe, but unscrupulous drivers will refuse to use the meter - arguing with them at the wrong time of day (say at night) can result in a serious altercation. Again, please see comment above: Thailand has some of the highest road fatality rates in the world. - Aug 2014

Taxis are generally safe, though some caution and "street smarts" are sometimes required. They all have meters and are supposed to use them; but many love to roll down their window and throw out some arbitray cost to you if you are in the tourist areas. Usually by the third taxi you flag down, you will find your gem and have a very pleasant, metered cheap taxi ride to wherever you need to go. The sky train here is fantastic! As is the subway. If only there was more of it! - May 2014

Taxis seem safe during the day and are so affordable. The Skytrain also is very safe and cheap. - Oct 2013

Mostly, and taxis and trains are VERY afforable. You can hire drivers for the day for VERY cheap. - Jul 2013

Absolutely safe and very affordable -- most taxi fares run around $3. - Jun 2013

Yes, BTS and Metro are brilliant. There is an extensive bus and boat system. Taxis are cheap and air conditioned, if a little small. - Jul 2012

The skytrain and underground train are great! Taxis are safe and good as well. We've only taken long term buses to the beach and they were fine. - Oct 2011

Yes, both safe and very affordable. Taxi-bikes can leave you a little worried, but not enough to stop me from using them! - Aug 2011

BTS Skytrain, subway, taxis, motorcyles, tuk-tuks, trains, buses - it's all here, cheap, some forms of transport are cheaper than others. - Jul 2011

BTS Skytrain is great - your best bet to get around the profoundly frustrating traffic, especially on Sukhumvit and surrounding central areas. I spent 4 hours once during rush "hour" without moving more than 8 blocks - no kidding. Taxis are generally fine, but I wouldn't necessarily trust one after dark as a single woman. And there are stories of drunk and drugged-up drivers - wouldn't surprise me. Proceed with caution. - Feb 2011

Taxis are cheap, air conditioned, metered (although you sometimes have to insist) and fairly safe (no seatbelts in back). They run on natural gas. We took the clean, modern Skytrain and subway and otherwise taxis for most of our needs. Very affordable. - May 2010

The metro is close and goes all over the city. Taxis are also very affordable. If traffic is heavy I would consider a motorcycle taxi as they can whip through the traffic faster and the fares are a lot lower. - Apr 2010

yes, they are safe.taxis are cheap in bangkok. - Jan 2010

Local transport is all good, I will say. Most expats don't really use buses in town. They usually cab it, or take a tuk-tuk. The cabs are metered, but if you're catching a ride on a tuk-tuk, you need to negotiate the fare before jumping in. - Jul 2009

Yes, yes, yes. - Apr 2009

Taxis are air-conditioned and super cheap. Learn a little taxi thai to get around, although most drivers speak some English. The Subway and skytrain are fast, affordable and super clean. I do not know of a cleaner subway. The lines are a touch limited in the areas they serve, but most of the major tourist areas are accessable from mass transit. - Feb 2009

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