Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes, lots of uneven sidewalks. Good thing is that since most things are inexpensive, hiring a car and driver for a day (or heck, for your whole time here) to get you around is not expensive if that would be needed due to mobility issues. - Feb 2023

Yes. This city is not ADA-compliant in the least. Sidewalks are hazard to people without disabilities. - Jan 2023

Yes. Bangkok is in some ways a very modern city, and in other ways seems like a dystopian future megalopolis straight out of a Japanese anime or maybe Blade Runner (but with brighter colors and more smiles). Sidewalks can in some areas seem very modern and accessible, and then all of a sudden turn into a death maze of potholes, high curbs, tangled electric wires, cars and motorbikes whizzing by (including occasionally in the wrong direction), and various other hazards (street dogs roaming some alleys). By the same token, Bangkok is NOT stroller-friendly. If you mostly stay within the (wide variety of) malls and hotels and modern office buildings, most things are accessible, but moving around outside on the streets is tough. - May 2022

Within Nichada would be fine. Sidewalks are not wheelchair-friendly in the surrounding neighborhoods. - Aug 2019

Yes, horrible sidewalks downtown, few elevators for getting to the Sky train. There are escalators at most train stations. If you are in a wheelchair it will be difficult. - Jun 2018

Yes, public transportation is not handicap accessible and sidewalks are congested and difficult even for the able-bodied. - Apr 2017

Somewhat. Sidewalks can often be damaged to non-existent, but there are escalators to skytrain/subway stations and efforts are sometimes made to make sites handicap-accessible. - Nov 2016

Yes - sidewalks downtown are terrible and sometimes nonexistent. - Aug 2015

Yes, extremely. That's all I can really say, but this is a developing city and there just isn't enough thought going into these types of things. - Aug 2014

Yes and no. While a wheelchair would be challenging to get around the city, there are many opportunities and options that would enable someone to live a very exciting life here anyway. Other types of disabilities... Bangkok is a big city that has some very sophisticated options. Anyone could make it work. Plus there are amazing medical facilities here that might be useful. - May 2014

It would be very hard unless they had a car and driver take them everywhere, and then it really might not be that bad. - Oct 2013

This is a terrible city to live in if you have disabilities. There are no handicap guidelines, sidewalks are a mess! - Jul 2013

Bangkok is not a very handicap-friendly city. - Jun 2013

Lots. It is not a wheelchair-friendly city. - Jul 2012

Many. The sidewalks and buildings are not equipped for any handicaps. - Oct 2011

I imagine it would be very difficult. This is not a mobility-friendly city. - Aug 2011

No ramps, broken elevators, busted sidewalks - horrible for people with disabilities. - Jul 2011

Very inhospitable. High sidewalks, uneven pavement, you name it. Bad news. - Feb 2011

The sidewalks are crowded with vendors and people and are often broken and narrow. It would be extremely difficult to get around if you had mobility issues. - May 2010

The sidewalks would make it very challenging for a person with physical disabilities to walk anywhere. - Apr 2010

many difficulties, seems like they do not concern themselves with handicaps - Jan 2010

If you're on crutches or in a wheelchair, you'd have a hard time getting around, particularly downtown. The sidewalks are narrow, and what little available space there is, is taken up by either food and or clothing vendors hawking their wares on literally every street corner. - Jul 2009

Lots if they are in a wheelchair. Otherwise the usual difficulties of anywhere. - Apr 2009

Yes. This is a city with few facilities for the differently abled. The curbs are ridiculous! - Feb 2009

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