Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Yes, i think good for all those categories. - Feb 2023

It's honestly a great city for everyone. There is truly something for everyone here, you just have to find it. - Jan 2023

Yes, yes, and yes. Again, Bangkok has a huge and diverse expat population, as well as a large population of educated and international-minded Thais, so there's something for everyone. This also extends to domestic tourism, even outside of Bangkok, there's a diverse and huge range of tourism and vacation options, from beaches to mountains to lakes to ecotourism to family-centered tourism to yoga retreats to backpacking to Four Seasons. - May 2022

A great place for families! So many things to do. Great for travel and exciting opportunities. Thai people love children and are very welcoming. - Aug 2019

Yes to all. There is something here for everyone. - Jun 2018

Everyone can find a lot to enjoy in Bangkok. - Apr 2017

Singles and couples, yes. Families I'm not as sure about--I could see how downtown Bangkok might be difficult in terms of long-term living with small kids (due to the traffic and heat, etc). - Nov 2016

Great for families. - Aug 2015

Yes - some Western spouses complain about the city but most people find end up loving Bangkok. It's perfect for singles, very good for couples, and families generally enjoy the city as well. - Aug 2014

Great city for families, though it may take a bit of time to adjust (especially for the parents of small children). This is not a very stroller-friendly city, but a baby carrier and/or an umbrella stroller will get you far. Older teens love it (what I'm told); younger kids love the numerous activities. Lots of interesting family trips to take. I suspect this could be a fun place as a couple without kids. And I think it may be a challenging place for single women. - May 2014

Yes, however, I must say this because all the other Bangkok post reports are so frustratingly GLOWING, I found this to be a really hard city to live in with small children who weren't in school yet. The sidewalks are terrible or nonexistent, so once your child is beyond a weight where you can carry him everywhere (or if you have two or three children), you are really stuck taking taxis or driving everywhere--a 2, 3, or 4 year old can't walk far in the heat, and my children tended to have meltdowns any time we were out in the heat for long. We've spent a lot of time inside, and every expat family I talk to in Bangkok yearns for nature and green space and outside time. This would be a very easy city to live in as a couple or a single person. - Oct 2013

Great city for families and couples-there is nightlife suited to anyone's interests, and always a LOT to do. Singles can have a great time, especially men. Single women, however, may encounter a different experience if they are hoping to date here. - Jul 2013

Yes, yes, yes. - Jun 2013

Excellent for all! - Jul 2012

I think its really great for everyone. Unless you are a family who wants a house and yard as well as a short commute. There is a ton to do in the city, and I know many happy singles, couples, and families. If you do not like a busy, bustling city, it may also not be for you. - Oct 2011

Bangkok is a very versatile city. There are many activities for every generation. The only people who may find Bangkok difficult are the frail and the elderly. The noise, heat, pollution, and lack of mobility may prove to be an issue. - Aug 2011

Excellent for all family types. Plenty to do, but traffic can be brutal especially when its raining and sidewalks double as food cart parking. Plenty of activities in and around town. - Jul 2011

It is probably great for almost anyone but the disabled. Not a walkable city in any sense and not accommodating in that way. - Feb 2011

This is a good city for couples and single men. Single women friends have had a more difficult time meeting people due to the ready availability of young, slim, Thai women. There's endless nightlife, great restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys, lots of karaoke, food from cheap to expensive... You can find live music at smaller venues, but the city doesn't attract many big acts and doesn't have much live theater. You can have almost any kind of food delivered from fast food to nice places via Food by Phone and the less expensive Chef XP. - May 2010

This is a good city for families (i.e. great schools and great things to do on the weekends if you have children). A little harder for single women as Thai men don't seem interested in foreign women. Also if you are married it is challenging as their are several rumors that it is very easy for a spouse to stray (primarily husbands). - Apr 2010

yes, i like it much. - Jan 2010

Bangkok is a great city for everyone, period! Wherever your interests lie, there's something here for you, rest assured. For the single folks, there are numerous "singles" clubs/organizations, be it for dating, and or simply finding a travel buddy. For families- there's so much to see and do that there's really no excuse to spend the weekend at home bored. As for the Dinks (double income, no kids) - oh how I often envy you :) Between being able to dine out several times a week for considerably less than in most places, and the weekend beach getaways....aaah. In short, this a fun place for those at any age. - Jul 2009

I don't think there is one better, plenty to do here, all the time - Apr 2009

This is an excellent city for families. The apartments and houses are spacious, and it is very easy to get help at a price much lower than in the states. Our helper cooks, cleans and helps keep an eye on the kids after school if one of us is not avaialable. She lives out (although we do have a "maid's room" in our place). We pay her top dollar and it's only 600/ month. The going rate is more like $450. They do get thai holidays off. We love our helper. For single men, it is great. For single women, it is harder. For couples w/ or w/o children, you must have a stable marriage. If infidelity is at all an issue, don't come here. There is a lot of temptation and many opportunites for men to go astray. On the other hand there is so much for a couple to experience together. Beautiful beaches, exotic countryside, terrific food, some of world's best hotels, a thriving art and music scene. - Feb 2009

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