English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

There are English-language newspapers and Express 24 broadcasts in English. Dawn has an English website. Pakistani journalism is free, open, vibrant, and utterly lacking in anything vaguely resembling journalistic integrity. Pakistan's national pastimes, in addition to cricket, include concocting conspiracy theories and blaming other people for their problems. This is clearly reflected in their journalism. So don't be surprised to see headlines reporting an attack (that the Taliban has already claimed credit for) blaming the bombing on Blackwater, contracted by the CIA, on the behalf of Mossad, to destabilize Pakistan for the Indians, who are really space aliens from Mars. Roughly 85% of the population will take the report at face value. - Aug 2010

Newspaper and satellite TV available. As the power goes out about every 2 hours you will spend a lot of time waiting for the satellite signal to reset. - Feb 2009

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