Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

No. I found it incredibly safe and felt safer here than living in the US. Crime rates are very low. I felt safe walking late at night on dark streets (because their street lamps don't always work) and sometimes even forgot to lock my front door. The biggest concern here is car accidents. - Jun 2023

This is a very safe country! - Aug 2019

No. I mean, I wouldn't walk away from my bag in the Old Bazaar or anything, but it is a safe place. - Jan 2019

Some petty crime, especially in areas around the center with Roma populations. - Sep 2016

Normally no, but currently there is a political crisis brewing over elections. Security staff sends out nightly protest reports and basically you should not go downtown after 6 most nights. - May 2016

No - It is pretty darn safe here. - May 2014

While much of Skopje looks like it is run-down and in a bad part of town--mostly due to graffiti (which is everywhere) and broken windows--there is very little crime here. All of the crime seems to be rooted in ethnic tension and none of it is directed towards expats. I have not heard of any gun violence at all here. The real security concern is traffic: people drive like madmen and no one wears seatbelts. Pedestrians are in constant danger. - Oct 2013

None. - Sep 2013

Some petty crime, but otherwise a very safe post. - Jun 2013

A very safe country in the main. Normal precautions only. - Mar 2012

If you take normal precautions i.e. locking doors, securing valuables, watching for pickpockets, etc. you will have no problems. There is very little crime threat here, other than opportunity thefts. There have been burglaries in the past, but none affecting the expat community recently that I am aware of. We try to avoid Roma youth, particularly in groups, as they can be very aggressive and invasive. - Aug 2009

There are under-lying tensions between the two distinct people groups living here (Orthodox Macedonians and ethnic Albanians). As an American living here, I have not felt threatened by the tensions but am aware of events that take place. There are always the random pick-pocketing issues to be aware of when in the city as well. For the most part I feel very safe in Skopje. - Mar 2009

Some random shootings, burglaries. Seems like the shootings are usually in retaliation between the locals. Local police never seem to catch anyone - maybe they don't care. - Mar 2009

Quite safe. Gypsies beg but are just annoying, not dangerous. People send teenagers in taxis by themselves. I feel as safe as in the U.S. - Jan 2009

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