Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Two international schools embassy folks send their kids to: NOVA international and QSI. QSI is much smaller with a more international crowd. NOVA I think has more locals. Both seem great. We sent our preschool and 1st grader to QSI and really liked it. There is a great community there. - Jun 2023

They are not good. NOVA puts on a good show but cannot actually deliver on their promises. Most of their teachers are local and many do not have a teaching credential. They do not take bullying seriously (and the teachers are often bullies themselves) and in general should not be running schools. QSI is much more international, but does not have a strong upper grade program. I would not put my kids in the schools in Skopje above grade 5, and certainly not high school. - Jan 2019

There are several international schools here that teach in English, including QSI and NOVA, as well as a French school. - Sep 2016

There are two. QSI and NOVA. The oldest embassy kid at post is 12, the rest go to boarding school. Both schools have issues. Bullying can be a problem. Poor teachers, yelling by teachers. If your kid is 4th grade and under, it is probably fine. QSI is not run well, NOVA has almost no foreign teachers and the student body is primarily local. - May 2016

QSI and NOVA -- Do your homework and decide what's best for your kid and the information provided. NOVA tends to be lower in quality for academics but better with sports programs. You might not like the Macedonian approach to private schooling. If you choose QSI, be prepared for a seemingly pieced together education with boutique options, teachers who may or may not be familiar with QSI's mastery learning approach, and a nice and close community. - May 2014

There are two excellent international schools: Nova and QSI. I've heard that Nova has a great college acceptance rate, and most people with teenagers love the school. Many of my friends with younger children prefer QSI. It seems like Nova is larger and prettier but QSI hangs in there with a devoted group of students and parents too. Anyone who comes to Skopje and has to choose a school will find themselves with two great options. - Oct 2013

Two options available. We chose Nova and have been extremely pleased. - Sep 2013

Two good options available: NOVA and QSI. I have no personal experience with either, but parents from both schools seem to be happy. - Jun 2013

The only international school of size in Skopje is Nova International Schools and it has been great for us. We have three kids there and they are thriving. We came from big schools, and wanted our kids to continue to have lots of options. The school takes education very seriously and seems to stay on the forefront of education best practice. Highly recommended. - Mar 2012

There are two schools used by the Embassy community. QSI ( a small, yet well established school providing a welcoming environment for the kids, which has small class sizes and a terrific music program. Through weekly community time events and montly "Open Stage" nights, they foster a close knit community for all. I have been very pleased with this little school! Not everyone finds it as challenging as they would like, but I find it more than adequate, and I like that the small environment allows for more individualized attention to each students needs/abilities. The other option isNOVA International School ( and though it is larger, it is not necessarily better. Most people choose to send their high school aged kids here due to the size of the school and it's proven record of graduates moving on to good universities. Many students/families have had terrific experiences there, but I have not been as impressed. Though there are some fantastic, caring teachers, the administration has left me disenchanted. I have had numerous problems with the record keeping and communication with directors. The campus atmosphere is laid-back and there seems to be little structure, which is not condusive to my child's needs. That being said, others thrive there. Basically, it depends on the kid!I am not very happy, specifically with the admin aspect and I am switching my child next year to QSI.He is somewhat disappointed as he did enjoy the school, but I found it to be incredibly frustrating! - Aug 2009

There are 2 international schools that most of the elementary-high school aged expat kids go to. Both have their attributes that set them apart as excellent schools. These schools are Nova School( and QSI Skopje ( There is a Montessori school for younger children that some American children attend as well. Our experience is with QSI preschool through 1st grade. We have been very satisfied with the school. - Mar 2009

Two main schools: QSI and NOVA.NOVA is larger and has more local Macedonians. Students stay with the same teacher as they progress from grade 1 through 4.My children attend QSI and love it! There are a couple of teachers that could be better, but most are wonderful. The music program is amazing, considering it is such a small school. Several languages are offered and the grounds/playground are nice. They offer after-school activities such as science club, gymnastics, and a few others. The school is very small and tight-knit. Every Friday, the school has Community Time and the children perform. It is wonderful. This is a great place for kids to feel comfortable and reach their potential. - Jan 2009

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