Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

It's not densely populated so getting around is fairly easy. During pandemic times, it felt mostly safe as a result. The worst traffic during commuting hours is a piece of cake compared to the DMV or other large US metro areas. It's a small town can you can basically drive from one end to the other in a half hour. I really enjoyed my time here- there weren't a ton of concerts or events, but it had it's charms. - Jun 2023

Value for the money. Movies cost practically nothing, and they're all in English. - Jan 2019

The cost of living is cheap and the commute to anywhere in the city is usually easy. - Sep 2016

Being about to travel has been great. From Skopje we have gone to several countries via Wizz Air and driven to eight. - May 2016

Skopje is safe and not intimidating. The locals are generally welcoming to expats and tolerant of those who do not speak the language. The weather is not much different from USA four season states. Not too humid, snow in the winter, sometimes heavy fog in the winter, rainy spring and fall, hot mid-summer. Touring is mainly for off-the-beaten-path tourists. The wine is good and cheap. You can save money, but traveling is convenient and it is all up to you, whether or not you spend it on trips or stay in country. - May 2014

Macedonia is a wonderful place to live. Although it is not your typical European city--no one would ever call it glamorous--it combines the conventions of Europe with the charm of a more developing nation. People here are extremely friendly; almost everyone speaks English; the food is fresh and delicious; the cost of living is low; the access to beautiful yet unconventional travel opportunities abounds; the weather is mild; and the expat community has incredible morale. - Oct 2013

Cost of living is reasonable, and the people are friendly. - Sep 2013

Interesting driving trips around the region, easy weekend visits to the beaches of Northern Greece, and prices in Macedonia are relatively inexpensive compared to the nearby EU countries. - Jun 2013

Wonderful location for touring both within Macedonia and the region. - Mar 2012

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