Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Tampa, FL. About 15-20 with a layover always in Vienna. - Jun 2023

Home city is Washington DC. Trip to post was ~12 hours with connections in Frankfurt and/Vienna. It is relatively easy to travel to Skopje. - Nov 2022

Coming from DC the flights are all overnight and takes two full days. I much preferred the return trips to the US which took place all day- most flights are through Austrian Air which is decent and pay the 30 euros to get into the lounge in Vienna- worth it! - Aug 2019

Houston, TX. Relatively easy flight, but nothing direct. Most flights come through Istanbul. Total flight time is around 17 hours. - Jan 2019

Virginia, USA. Travel time is around 14-16 hours with a connection through Vienna or Istanbul. - Sep 2016

DC. Flight went from Dulles to Vienna but these only come in a few days a week. - May 2016

WDC through Vienna, then to Skopje. With the USG, there is a city pair fair and that is pretty much the only reimbursable route. - May 2014

From DC: it takes only 12 hours or so to get here, but to return home, it takes much, much longer (26-28 hours). - Oct 2013

New Roads, Louisiana - approximately 24 hour flight time with layovers in Switzerland and Croatia usually. - Sep 2013

We have family in KY and NY. We usually connect through Vienna and DC. The trip back to the States takes around 18 hours. Unfortunately, connecting through Vienna means a 4 a.m. flight out of Skopje, and a 4 hour layover in Vienna. - Jun 2013

Arizona. Connections are not bad, although the schedule is limited into Skopje. - Mar 2012

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