Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Lots of takeout options and a delivery service you order online or through an app. Restaurants get a little old after a while but generally you can find something you'll like. More American-style burger and steak spots and tons of pizza. - Jun 2023

There was little lacking in food options. American-style steak was not easy to find but almost all other types of food were available. - Nov 2022

SO many good and very cheap restaurants! Delivery wasn't really a thing when I was there, but I had a great local taxi driver who was also my fixer and would pick up pizza for me if I was feeling lazy. We would frequently go out to dinner and have a bottle of wine, dessert, etc., and the bill would be under $20! Macedonian food is the BEST! - Aug 2019

Food is good and cheap. Grilled meat places are plentiful, and most restaurants, frankly, are very good. However, food tends to be about the same from place to place. Americans wanting food from home have the option of Domino's, Burger King, and KFC. That's pretty much it, but local food is excellent. Sushi delivery is popular but pricey. - Jan 2019

One Burger King in City Mall and a few Dominos franchises. There are no McDonalds or Starbucks here. - Sep 2016

Burger King and Dominoes. Cheap. And two spooky deserted McDonald's restaurants.... - May 2016

None -- McDonald's is CLOSED. - May 2014

There is a McDonald's here, but I don't know anyone who eats there. I think there is a Domino's too. The local restaurants are excellent and inexpensive but I've not seen fast service anywhere. - Oct 2013

The restaurants are plentiful and cheap. There are multi-cultural options and the local fare is delicious. - Sep 2013

There a lot of moderately good restaurants. The only "gourmet" restaurants seem to be associated with the wineries and are out of town. Also, there is very little variety to the cuisine here --it's mostly Macedonian or Italian. Steaks are expensive-ish, but everything else seems to be inexpensive. Skopje also has Domino's and Burger King. McDonald's recently closed, but there is hope that they will eventually re-open. - Jun 2013

Lots of great restaurants. Tends to be protein heavy, but there are options. From very cheap to slightly expensive. McDonald's it here if you need comfort food. - Mar 2012

Only US chain is McDonald's unless you go to Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, they have a Taco Bell and Burger King there. There are plenty of good restaurants to choose from, though most seem to serve Italian food. Aladin has good Middle-Eastern cuisine. I like Gino's and Dal Met Fu for pizza. Molino's and Duomo have terrific salads and risotto. There are also lots of burek stands that offer quick and inexpensive bites. The only Indian restaurant closed this past year. Prices at most places are quite reasonable. - Aug 2009

McDonald's is the main fast food options. There are multiple take-away options as well (pizza, Chinese food, etc.). Skopje has many, many nice restaurants and new ones are always opening. - Mar 2009

Only McDonald's, but it tastes different than back home. - Mar 2009

Only McDonald's. We miss American fast food. There is a good food court with Chinese, Mexican(ish), good pizza and sandwiches. Street food, which is mostly bread stuffed with cheese, is cheap. Most restaurants, however, are sit-down, nice restaurants. Although relatively cheap, service is slow. It is difficult to dine out with children because they become impatient. - Jan 2009

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