Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

See above- consumables. - Jun 2023

Cereal and peanut butter! - Nov 2022

Honestly I wish I had shipped LESS stuff- I found most items were easy and cheap to find locally. - Aug 2019

Boxed macaroni and cheese, some cereals, and cream of mushroom soup. Mostly trash food. - Jan 2019

Chocolate chips, any kind of baking mixes (cake, brownie, waffle), peanut butter, black beans, condensed milk, non-sugary cereals, spices. - Sep 2016

Patio furniture it is very expensive - May 2016

Soft toilet paper, Halloween candy, vegetable oil, mascara, hair dye, sugar-free jam, cake mixes, and chocolate chips. - Oct 2013

Nothing. We were able to find everything that we needed. - Sep 2013

Organic and low-sodium shelf-stable products. Confectioner's sugar, if you like to bake. The powdered sugar here is too gritty for my taste. Vanilla extract (all they have here is powdered vanilla). - Jun 2013

More kid's clothes and shoes....very expensive, very poor quality. More toys and gifts for the same reason. Larger sized clothing for women is virtually nonexistent as most Macedonians are very thin and fit (I was quite depressed about my weight for a long time here!!). - Aug 2009

Things we shipped that we knew we would not find here: Mexican spices & other specifics we liked, blueberries (dried), spray Pam, favorite cereals (the selection here is slim), peanut butter, chocolate chips & other specific baking needs. - Mar 2009

Everything :( - Mar 2009

Paper products because the quality is low. Clothes--again low quality here. U.S. style mixes. And lots of baking supplies. There is constantly a function where you need to bring food or a bake sale. Also bring potluck dishware and entertaining stuff. - Jan 2009

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