Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Lake Ohrid of course is the UNESCO jewel. The drive south to Greece is lovely. - Jun 2023

Matka. It's not exactly hidden, but it is so lovely, and there are a variety of things to do. And it's a ten-minute drive, so it's RIGHT there. Also, easy travel to Greece. - Jan 2019

Matka Canyon is pretty, as is Mavrovo National Park, but as with everything else in Macedonia they suffer from poor infrastructure and a huge litter problem. Lake Ohrid is really beautiful and worth the trip from Skopje. - Sep 2016

Matka Canyon is pretty, traveling - May 2016

Wine tasting, eating out, swimming and gyms are available, movies in English, concerts and ballet. - May 2014

There are many historical sites in and around the city. There are also many hiking trails and outdoor activities available for those who enjoy those things. Macedonia is also located within proximately to beautiful beaches in Greece and Croatia. And you must travel to Turkey while there! - Sep 2013

Visiting Lake Ohrid, going to the wineries, seeing ancient ruins. - Jun 2013

Touring, wineries, monasteries, outdoor sports both summer and winter. - Mar 2012

Great hiking opportunities. Lots of beautiful churches and monasteries to visit. Lake Matka offers a scenic respite just outside the city. Vineyards offer tours and overnight stays. The usual sports facilities, but no golf. Bowling in Tetovo. Skiing in Mavrovo or nearby Bulgaria. You can be in Greece and some beautiful beaches in a few hours by car. - Aug 2009

This part of the Balkans is full of interesting historical and a archaeological sites. Locally there are malls, cafes, art galleries, clubs, billiard halls, sporting events, ballet, concerts and cultural events. Macedonia is within easy driving distance to Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro & Croatia. Other parts of Europe are a short flight away. Athletes will be happy here. Skiing in the winter, riverside roller blading/biking/walking paths, hiking trails, tennis clubs & hash harriers. Obviously, none of the above are along the same standard of what one would find in the States but the availability of such things is a positive thing in and of itself. - Mar 2009

Travel. - Mar 2009

Travel!! Easy drive to Ohrid, a lovely lake city. Two hour direct flight to Prague. Greece....Some cultural activities are offered. Playgrounds are in terrible (dangerous) condition, but there is one indoor playground that is ok. Shopping in old town and at the American style mall. Ice skating, swimming, snow skiing. Mostly, though, people get together at each other's houses. - Jan 2009

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