Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

I wanted to share an experience we had in Skopje. Our son was diagnosed with learning disabilities in the first year of a three year tour. We were beyond blessed to be introduced to an amazing young Macedonian women who had studied reading disabilities and specialized in working with students like our son. We were fortunate to have the DOD support our staying in Skopje and providing funding to get him the educational support he needed by bringing this young lady on to the staff at QSI. This amazing young lady changed the trajectory of our son’s life. When we left Skopje, QSI kept this amazing young lady on staff. Fast forward seven years and that young boy is now in ninth grade and thriving. Today, we Zoomed with this young women who is still making a difference in young people’s lives both at QSI, and teaching local professional development courses with Macedonian teachers to better the educational situation in her country. If you are in Skopje or considering Skopje and have a child with learning disabilities I cannot give a big enough recommendation to DO IT! There is a Wonder Woman there who can and will make a difference in your kiddos life!! Please reach out if you would like to know more! This is not a paid advertisement for QSI….just a humble brag on an amazing asset in an unsuspecting location! - Nov 2022

Almost none, and they charge extra for any real accommodations made. - Jan 2019

QSI will provide aides for some special needs students. The main pre-school, the International Playschool of Skopje has a child with Downs Syndrome mainstreamed in the classroom. - Sep 2016

QSI has a few aides for various kids and a few specialists who come in e.g., speech therapist. - May 2016

hmmmmmm none - although NOVA does pretty decent testing. - May 2014

Very little. Our daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder, and we've been pretty much on our own. We found a local auditory processing specialist through NOVA. One woman in Skopje has recently opened up an occupational therapy clinic, but it is not associated with the schools. - Jun 2013

Nova has a special program in this area, I am unsure if other programs exist. - Mar 2012

The schools do their best to work with special needs kids, but truthfully are not set up to work with kids with challenges. - Mar 2009

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