Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

We had ants but it was easily dealt with. Sometimes there would be a gecko or lizard that would get in the house- nothing crazy. Lots of tiny spiders and I've heard some have had scorpions in the summer, but I think those are rare. - Jun 2023

None that we encountered. - Nov 2022

HAHAHA!!!!! I had baby frogs jump out of my shower drain while I was showering three times!!! On completely different days. :) - Aug 2019

Our apartment is very susceptible to ants. - Jan 2019

No. - Sep 2016

None - May 2016

No insect problems that I know of. - May 2014

Even the bees in Macedonia are mild. There are no real problems to speak of here! - Oct 2013

Didn't notice any. - Sep 2013

Lots of bees and wasps. - Jun 2013

None. - Mar 2012

We have had absolutly no issues with bugs here! Just a few spiders in our home and some bumblebees to deal with. One of my favorite things about this post! - Aug 2009

Nothing unusual. - Mar 2009

None that I've noticed. - Mar 2009

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