Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Four seasons but the summer is dry and HOT. Like 100 degree weeks. The country gets a bit of that Mediterranean climate without the breeze. The first winter there was a good amount of snow but the last winter there was almost none. - Jun 2023

4 seasons with mild winters and hot summers- not too much snow in the winters but it does come occasionally. - Aug 2019

Four clear seasons, very livable. - Jan 2019

Very seasonal, similar to Washington, DC but a bit warmer and drier. - Sep 2016

Like DC, all four season. - May 2016

The climate is mild. We experience every season but never anything extreme. - Oct 2013

Cold winters with snow, hot summers but not too humid. - Sep 2013

4 distinct seasons. Moderately cold winters (though with little snow). July and August tend to be quite hot but dry, often with temps near 100 F. - Jun 2013

South Central European. Mild winters at Skopje's altitude, deep snow on the mountains. Spring arrives in April, July and August can be hot. - Mar 2012

Though there are four seasons, it is not exactly like in the DC area. It is considerably hotter in the summer, with temps in the high 90s not unusual and even reaching the 100s. There is some snow in the winter, but it is not too bad, although roads are not cleared as needed. Spring is lovely. - Aug 2009

Skoje has 4 distinct seasons. Spring and Fall are lovely times of year for a visit! - Mar 2009

Pretty much like England, but warmer summers. - Mar 2009

4 seasons. - Jan 2009

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