Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

Pollution index (Good, Moderate, Unhealthy, or Very Unhealthy)?

Most say unhealthy, and it is very bad in the winter, but my child has mild asthsma and has had no problems. You definitely notice the air is dirty by the need to wash your car frequently. - Aug 2009

Unhealthy. Skopje is a valley surrounded by lovely foothills. In the summer the smog "collects" in the city. During the winter all of the smokers move indoors. If you or your children struggle with asthma issues this post may be a challenge. Also, it is not unusual to hear of people who have never had allergies developing them during the spring here. - Mar 2009

We heard it would be bad, but actually we haven't noticed it that much. We notice the smoke pollution from everyone smoking a lot more, especially when it's winter and everyone is smoking inside the shopping malls. - Mar 2009

Many people feel the air quality is bad in the winter, but it is now January and I don't notice much of a problem. - Jan 2009

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