Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Terrible air quality in the winter. Medical care is OK. Post health unit is fantastic but the hospital care, while affordable, I find lacking. I went to see a PT/chiro/massage person and he made things worse after a couple sessions. My daughter went to a dentist that didn't fully detect her cavities and I had to pay thousands of dollars to fix things when we got back to the US. Routine things may be OK, but if you have more serious issues, definitely consider where you can get care. Apparently Serbia and Bulgaria have much better dental care. I think medevacs go to London or Frankfurt. - Jun 2023

Local healthcare is limited and not so great. We drove to Thessaloniki every month for my husband's treatment and the hospital there was incredible! It's only a 3-hour drive. - Aug 2019

The air quality in the winter. - Jan 2019

There is one good private hospital here, Sistana, that is generally good if they have the specialists you need. The local government-run hospitals are in bad shape, though, and I would recommend avoiding them based on various bad experiences that both colleagues and Macedonian friends have had there. Any serious medical procedures would require leaving the country. - Sep 2016

The water is safe but full of calcium. There was a movement to take away the house distillers at one point. Medical care is so so. The two local nurses at the Embassy are lovely, be nice to them always. - May 2016

No -- Medical care is OK. They have decent technology, not sure about skill. You can go into the hospital and get an X-ray and a consultation for about 40 bucks. - May 2014

Medical care is excellent. - Sep 2013

The health care is getting better quickly. Sistina hospital is working to bring in state-of-the-art equipment and has some expat doctors. But, the US Embassy still med-evacs everyone to London for all but the most run-of-the-mill problems. - Jun 2013

Medical care seems adequate if overburdened. - Mar 2012

Medical care is not up to US standards, but there are some well-trained docs out there with good, modern equipment. The Embassy Health Unit is fantastic and serves most needs. There are regular visits from the PA in Kosovo too. Remedika is the private hospital of choice for expats. All local doctors seem to believe blood tests are necessary for all ailments, including sinus infections and earaches!Locals complain of corruption in the medical facilities, but that doesn't really impact our family. Medevac would be necessary for major problems/testing. Dental care is spectacular and outrageously cheap compared to US prices!I wish I had known that before spending thousands on the kid's dental care prior to our arrival. - Aug 2009

Health concerns are usually related to Influenza outbreaks that hit during the Fall and allergies during the Spring. Some people also find that they have increased respiratory problems while here. There are good private clinics available for regular care (ie dentists, opthamologists, etc.). For more serious care go to Greece/London/Vienna or home. Avoid the hospitals if possible. - Mar 2009

Medical care is so-so. Dental is excellent if you go to Eternadent. - Mar 2009

Quality of medical care is low. Try not to get sick or hurt. Dental care seems excellent. - Jan 2009

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