Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

What English-language religious services are available locally?

I think there's an LDS and Catholic church in town but not sure. - Jun 2023

Catholic, Baptist and non-denominational. - Nov 2022

Yes I know there was an English-language church that several Embassy staff and their families attended. - Aug 2019

A local Evangelical church, and some orthodox churches have English services. - Jan 2019

There is the International Church of Skopje, which is an evangelical Christian Church. There is also a Catholic church in English and a Mormon church. - Sep 2016

There is one LDS family at the Embassy and you run into their missionaries all over town, so there must be something. There is an English speaking church run by a couple who have been here forever. Lots of missionary 'NGO' types in Skopje. - May 2016

Skopje International Church. Methodist service twice per month. - May 2014

There is a thriving Christian community. I don't know much about the other religious services for expats although I think the LDS church might be active here. - Oct 2013

Yes. Greek Orthadox, Non-Denominational, Jewish, and others. - Sep 2013

Yes: Non-denominational Christian, Catholic, LDS and Jewish. - Jun 2013

There is a Catholic church, a large Episcopalian presence, and a prayer service weekly at QSI. I don't know specifics, but CLO has the details. - Aug 2009

There are a few religious communities that are English speaking. You'll find an English speaking non-denominational Christian church, a small LDS community and an Anglican community. - Mar 2009

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