Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

You can get around with English. Most young people speak English. However, if you go to a local green market or getting out of the capital, knowing the local language will be helpful. Older generations speak Serbian. Post has a language program. - Jun 2023

I have minimal language training and did just fine for day to day living. If you can get it, I would recommend. - Nov 2022

Almost everyone speaks English even taxi drivers and shopkeepers. I took survival Macedonian at the Embassy and had enough to order beer, give taxi directions, etc. Most signs are in Cyrillic so having a basic knowledge of the alphabet helps. - Aug 2019

It is not expensive to find a tutor, but one can get along pretty well with only English (spoken). It IS helpful to learn to read some Macedonian, as there is not a huge percentage of written English out in the world. - Jan 2019

It helps but is not necessary. You can find private tutors relatively cheaply. - Sep 2016

none really - May 2016

Basics. - May 2014

Very little--it seems like everyone speaks English. - Oct 2013

English is not the primary language; however, most Macedonians can speak and understand it. Learning some Macedonian would serve you well, but you could get by without. - Sep 2013

Very little if you're in Skopje. People 60 years and above don't seem to speak English, but most of them do speak Russian, French, or German. The younger generations all speak at least some English. - Jun 2013

None, but it will make you popular. - Mar 2012

Macedonian is certainly appreciated and helpful, but not necessary. Most everyone knows English. There are many opportunities to learn the language locally through reasonably priced instructors. - Aug 2009

You can function with minimal language skills but a little bit is appreciated by your neighbors. - Mar 2009

A little helps. - Mar 2009

Almost none. They appreciate it when you try! - Jan 2009


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