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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Very affordable. Most people with small kids have a nanny and lots of people have housekeepers. We had a part-time nanny who also cooked and cleaned for us. She did about 20 hours a week and cost about $500 monthly. It's typical for employers to pay for their transport. We also had a gardener that came in the summers to cut our lawn about every two weeks and cost about $20 or so each time. - Jun 2023

Cost of 30 hour per week household help/nanny support was ~$750/month. - Nov 2022

I had an incredible maid I think I paid her around $20 per day to come all day and do cleaning, laundry, sometimes basic meal prep. She was so great I still keep in touch with her and miss her! - Aug 2019

We had a nanny five days a week during the work day who did some cooking and cleaning, for approximately 400 Euro per month. Most people have a cleaner come by regularly. - Jan 2019

Household help (nannies, housekeepers, gardeners) are widely available. Prices range from $3-6 an hour. - Sep 2016

Around US$3 an hour - May 2016

US$800 per month for full-time. - May 2014

US$4/hour! - Oct 2013

Available and affordable. Get a referral. - Sep 2013

Most full-time housekeepers/nannies seem earn $4.00 - $4.50 hour. Expect to pay more per hour for part-time help. - Jun 2013

Available, but expensive in my view. - Mar 2012

Readily available and reasonably priced. We pay our gardener about $30 for 5 hours of work per week and he provides his own tools. We pay our babysitter 250MKD (around 5.50 )an hour, but others pay slightly less or slightly more. Unemployment is rampant and people are eager to find work! - Aug 2009

House help here is easy to find & frequently over-qualified for the work they do. On average you can expect to pay: House-keeper: US$150-$200 per week (if full-time); Babysitter: US$4-$5 per hour (full-time staff would charge differently. I do not have experience in this area and cannot comment); Gardening staff: US$4-$5 per hour. - Mar 2009

Most people pay around US$5/hour. - Jan 2009

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