Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

We kept our Google FI phones but also had local phones through Tmobile. Since we did so much regional and outside country travel, having the Fi phones were useful. Local service was very affordable. - Jun 2023

I used a local SIM for unlocked Iphone and it was very inexpensive- the Embassy set everything up for me. - Aug 2019

We used a local provider, and we were happy with it. Roaming between countries was not really an option, though, and apparently many people have had VERY bad experiences with accidentally keeping their data on and owing an absurd amount of money. - Jan 2019

T-Mobile is relatively inexpensive and reliable. - Sep 2016

Get one. Embassy can set you up or T-Mobil at any mall. - May 2016

You can bring your unlocked iPhone and use a local sim for calls and data. - May 2014

Cell phone services are plentiful and affordable. - Sep 2013

No particular recommendations. Most Macedonians have more than one cell phone, so they are readily available here. - Jun 2013

This is a very wired country, and phones will work anywhere. - Mar 2012

There are a number of options and supposedly the embassy provides them to spouse, but they didn't to me! - Aug 2009

Get one! We use ours in lieu of a landline. There are a few different carriers to choose from and several shops where you can buy/service phones. - Mar 2009

The embassy will help you get set up with service. Buy a local phone for around US$100. - Jan 2009

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