Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Never took local transport, no metro, just a lot of red double decker buses sourced from China. Taxis in Skopje are affordable and safe but use the recommended companies like GlobalTaxi. Usually a ride from home to the embassy would cost $3-4 for a 15-20 minute ride. We mostly drove our car, walked, or biked. - Jun 2023

Taxis are safe and plentiful. - Nov 2022

Definitely; taxis are safe and affordable- local transport not so much. - Aug 2019

Taxis are incredibly cheap. We never use the local bus because walking and taxis meet all of our needs. - Jan 2019

Taxis are widely available and relatively cheap. Buses tend to be very crowded. There is no tram system and the train system is very limited and not widely used for passenger transport. - Sep 2016

Taxis are cheap. About US$3 to go anywhere. Lotus usually has good drivers who speak English and their dispatchers are very helpful. - May 2016

Yep. - May 2014

I don't know anything about the trains and buses, but taxis are super affordable with no ride within the city ever costing more than US$5. Safety is another story, as not all taxis have seatbelts even though all taxi passengers should use them. - Oct 2013

Taxis are available and very cheap. - Sep 2013

Taxis are cheap and safe. Everyone says to avoid the trains. - Jun 2013

Buses and taxis are available and safe. Seem fairly cheap. - Mar 2012

Buses are safe, but very crowded and rundown. I can't imagine anyone choosing to use them. Taxis are abundant and cheap. No need for a second car unless you live outside town in the smaller villages. - Aug 2009

Taxis are affordable enough that they can be used exclusively if needed. I have no direct experience with trains or buses but know friends who do use them on occasion with no problem. The buses may not be completely "safe" per se as most of them are from circa 1965. - Mar 2009

Taxis are great, cheap and safe, but the drivers are insane. A 10-minute taxi ride costs about US$2. - Mar 2009

Taxis are very cheap and available. Safe also. - Jan 2009

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