Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Yes- widely used, no problem, but not all take the cellphone applePay/googlePay features. ATMs are common and I've never had any problems using them in the city. - Jun 2023

No issues with CC or ATMs. - Nov 2022

Yes I used my credit card all the time. This is the SAFEST country ever! - Aug 2019

Credit card machines are everywhere except taxis and green markets, and very safe to use. ATMs are everywhere. - Jan 2019

Yes and yes. - Sep 2016

You can use your credit card around town. There is a cashier and ATM at the Embassy and an ATM at the gate of QSI. - May 2016

ATMs are safe from what I hear. - May 2014

People recommended using cash to me, so I've only used credit cards and ATMs sparingly. One time I found that an ATM couldn't read my U.S. card, but the other handful of times I've used ATMs and credit cards, everything has been fine. - Oct 2013

We had no issues. - Sep 2013

Widely used throughout Skopje. - Jun 2013

Does not seem to be a significant problem as long as you follow the basic rules. ATMs are numerous. - Mar 2012

I never use mine, but they seem to be widely accepted and ATMs are plentiful. We usely cash checks at the embassy and pay with cash to avoid overseas usage fees imposed by the card companies. Most small neighborhood businesses do not accept credit or even large bills! - Aug 2009

We feel at ease using our ATM at major grocery stores, restaurants, doctor's offices or ATM machines as well as some smaller trusted mall shops. - Mar 2009

Try just to use them at major chains. - Mar 2009

We use them without a problem. - Jan 2009


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