Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Very affordable food costs, especially if you buy seasonable produce from the local farmers market. Selection is getting better but this was still a consumables post when we were here so we sent lots of spices, sauces, ethnic food items. Seafood is not the best here (landlocked country), though river trout appears to be abundant. Ethnic foods are seriously lacking; there was one decent Chinese and Thai place and so much Italian. Mostly, it's Balkan food. Household supplies are not as good quality as in the US, but there are a few German and EU-branded stores that are entering the market with better quality supplies. - Jun 2023

When we were there cost of living was extremely inexpensive for groceries and household items compared to the US. - Nov 2022

Groceries were cheap and easy to get- even unique health food items! Pre-made convenience food isn't really a thing though, nor was most frozen food. Produce is AMAZING here literally the best I've ever had, plentiful and cheap except in the winter when there are mostly just rotten onions and cabbage. There were more and more specialty grocery stores popping up as I was leaving. Expect limited supplies of certain things (eg no blueberries, kale, or sweet potatoes) but basic fruit and vegetables are available. - Aug 2019

Produce is limited (especially in the winter) but very good. Overall our grocery bill was much lower than we are accustomed to in the States. Non-perishables are also limited; certainly what one needs to get by, but it was often surprising what we could not find. I'm not gluten-free or vegan, but I had friends who were. They were able to find food, but not a wide variety. - Jan 2019

Generally good, with a few exceptions. The availability of fresh produce is very seasonal and gets quite thin in the winter. Certain products are not regularly supplied and you can go months without seeing them, such as Greek yogurt or cheddar cheese. The cost is generally cheaper for food products. However, durable goods such as electronics and children's toys are much more expensive. - Sep 2016

Things are pretty cheap but very seasonal. Winter is a sad time in the produce department. Also there is some sort of supply chain issue here - one week all the stores will have FAGE yogurt and then you won't see it again for months. If you see something, buy a bunch. Cheese is also sad here, unless you like very salty local cheese. - May 2016

The same or slightly cheaper. - May 2014

Groceries are very inexpensive here! For less than $20, I recently bought two bottles of decent wine, two kinds of fancy cheese, a dozen eggs, and some crackers. However, shoes, clothes and books cost a small fortune. - Oct 2013

Everything is very reasonably priced. The fruit/vegetable markets are the highlight of living here. - Sep 2013

Fresh produce tends to be cheap, but availability is still quite seasonal. Meats can be expensive, and good cuts hard to find. Availability of products in general can be spotty -- it's best to snag your favorites in bulk when you find them. - Jun 2013

Fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and fish are all very reasonable. Lots of other things are imported and can be pricey. - Mar 2012

There are a few large grocery stores to shop in- Tinex, Vero, and Ramstor are the biggest. You can find European products easily but few American brands. A trip to Bondsteel allows you to stock up on favorites, including cheddar cheese, which is not available locally. Fresh produce is cheap and abundant. Beef is okay, but the cuts are different and it is hard to find a cut I like. Chicken, pork and veal are available and priced reasonably. We used our consummables allowance to stock up on canned soups and kid's favorites. APO is available for online ordering of must haves too. - Aug 2009

We have found that we can get *nearly* everything we need (or a version thereof)on the local market or in Greece. The things we cannot find are easily ordered via Netgrocer. - Mar 2009

Seems to be the same or a little less than back home. Availability is terrible - something you see one week may be gone the next and never come back. - Mar 2009

Fruits and veggies are only available by season. You can only drink shelf-stable milk. There is little in the way of frozen convenience food or canned food. Cost is about the same as the U.S. (less for seasonal produce).Most people bring a consumables shipment and also shop regularly at the PX in Kosovo. - Jan 2009

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