Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. Bad sidewalks or none at all. - Jun 2023

Possibly. - Nov 2022

Yes! - Aug 2019

It would definitely pose a challenge. Many buildings (including apartments) are not accessible, and the elevators are not consistent. However, sidewalks are pretty wheelchair friendly. - Jan 2019

Definitely. The city is not very well designed for able bodied pedestrians, and even worse for anyone with mobility issues. - Sep 2016

It would be terribly hard. - May 2016

Yes - There are not many accommodations for people with disabilities. - May 2014

This isn't really a good walking city for anyone so I don't think it would be that much worse for someone with disabilities. - Oct 2013

It would be somewhat difficult. The streets and roadways are under constant construction and there are many steps and cobblestone paths that would be difficult to traverse. I do not recall if public bathrooms were equipped for those with physical disabilities. - Sep 2013

There seem to be few, if any, accommodations for people with disabilities. - Jun 2013

Very limited access. I think this would be a difficult place for people with disabilities. - Mar 2012

I would not call Skopje a wheelchair-friendly city. Most of the time cars are parked on whatever sidewalks might be available, and elevators are not a guarantee in most buildings. - Aug 2009

Physical disabilities would make it extra challenging to get around. The city is not set up for easy access for all. That being said, I have also noticed that I have a few Macedonian neighbors with disabilities who seem to be getting along just fine. - Mar 2009

A lot. This country is not disabled-friendly. - Mar 2009

No curb ramps and wheelchairs would have a hard time stepping over the trash that lines the sidewalks in some areas. - Jan 2009

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