Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

The country is mostly Macedonian (majority orthodox Christian) ethnicity but large Albanian and Turkish (majority Muslim) minority groups as well. The dynamics around those groups appear to be complicated. Roma people are discriminated against. - Jun 2023

I've seen ethnic prejudice toward Roma people. I have seen troubling bullying in school based on ethnicity, but nothing out in the world beyond. - Jan 2019

If you look like you could be Roma, you may have issues. - May 2016

Not sure. - May 2014

There is some old school gender stuff going on here, but nothing worse than 1950s America. There is an undercurrent of tension between Albanian Muslims and Macedonian Christians, and that tension sometimes erupts into violence between the two groups. Society here is not very diverse ethnically, so it's possible (likely) that someone who isn't White might experience more difficulties than I have. - Oct 2013

A bit, but I believe it is getting better. There are some racial/religious issues. Nothing of an extreme nature, but underlying prejudices are picked-up on over time. - Sep 2013

There is religious tension here between the Macedonian Orthodox Christians and the Albanian Muslims. As a result, there are frequent protests that sometimes erupt into violence. - Jun 2013

With regard to expatriates, no. Nationally, this is an issue. - Mar 2012

Some tensions between Albanians and Macedonians. The Roma population are definitely frowned upon by others. It is a somewhat macho society, i.e. men expect to be waited on before women in the deli counter line, but not overly annoying. - Aug 2009

Not to my knowledge. Our friends who are Asian American or African American feel as if they are "looked at" more but do not talk about prejudicial treatment. - Mar 2009

Not that I've seen. - Mar 2009

Not that I have noticed. - Jan 2009

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