Skopje - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

It was a good family post for us. It was a bit boring as it's a small city and in the winter there's not a ton to do, especially during the pandemic. I think it's harder for singles. Not sure there were many social opportunities for singles outside of the embassy community. Many people traveled out of town on the weekends or on holidays to Greece, the region, and the cheap flights to other parts of Europe. - Jun 2023

Not so great for singles, I think wonderful for adventurous couples or families. - Aug 2019

It's an easy place to be a family or a couple. I don't know about being single; though it is, at least, inexpensive to go out. Being a parent of small children, I don't know much about night life, bars, etc. - Jan 2019

It's probably best for couples without children because they can take full advantage of traveling around the region, which can prove challenging on bad roads with limited rest stop options. Families might have a harder time with adjusting to the lack of play areas and green space in the city for children, as well as the air pollution issues that will force kids to be indoors most of the time in the fall and winter. - Sep 2016

Probably not a great town for a single woman as the dating pool would be small. Couples probably enjoy it most. - May 2016

Yes. - May 2014

Everyone seems happy here: families, singles, and couples! I'm here with a family, and we love it. There seems to be a thriving singles scene as well, although I have heard that men here don't approach single women unless they are introduced through a friend. I suppose that dating may be difficult, but I haven't met any unhappy singles yet. - Oct 2013

Yes. Skopje is very safe and there are plenty of options available to support an active social life whether single, couple, or family. - Sep 2013

Skopje is a great city for families. Macedonians love children, and there are play spaces in every shopping mall. There is also a nice zoo. - Jun 2013

Families and couples, I imagine the single scene lacks a whole lot of options. - Mar 2012

Wonderful for families! Couples and singles seem to be doing okay as well. There seems to be an active dating scene for singles, and lots of ways for couples to entertain themselves. There are many opportunities for socializing amongst all groups. - Aug 2009

Yes, to all of the above. The city definitely comes with its inconveniences and is lacking in some real ways. All things considered though, Skopje is a very enjoyable place to live. - Mar 2009

Great for families - the locals LOVE kids. - Mar 2009

Good for families because there are so many families here who get together regularly. - Jan 2009

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