What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

It seems that people can volunteer through the local animal shelters, orphanages and the like. The help is definitely appreciated, but it can get depressing. The need in Maputo far exceeds the ability to meet it. - Feb 2020

Some people volunteer at orphanages. - Feb 2019

Yes, there are tons of ways to get involved as a volunteer, up to whatever point you would like. There is a Service Learning department at the American International School who has contacts with over 20 organizations, and as a parent or as a citizen you can connect with them to get started. - Feb 2017

Not sure, but plenty. - Jan 2017

Plenty - there is so much need everywhere - you just need to figure out where you want to help. But in terms of organized volunteer opportunities, I'm not aware of many. - Jul 2014

This is a poor country still recovering from a protracted civil war. There is a desperate need for community assistance. The trick is to find a work-life balance because this is a society that has become accustomed to hand-outs so they will take every ounce of your time available. You have to learn to say "enough." - Apr 2014

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