Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

From what I hear, they are quite expensive. Your best bet is to employ a baba. - Feb 2020

Yes, there are a few good options for preschools. Mostly for younger kids, nannies or "babas" are hired to care for them. - Feb 2017

Lots of preschools available; they are expensive. The good ones have wait lists. - Jan 2017

Yes, preschools are available and many choose to use a preschool part-time. But really, almost everyone relies on hiring nannies. Our nanny was wonderful, spoke English (many don't), and had 15+ years of experience for US$250/month. But I also know that we got lucky with a great nanny from the start whereas many of my friends went through quite a few nannies before they found a good fit for their family. - Jul 2014

I had no experience with preschools. For very small children, people empolyed nannies. - Apr 2014

Not sure, but did hear about a great Montessori school that went to the 3rd grade, I believe. - Oct 2012

Yes. AISM has an (expensive) program, and there is a Montessori school as well. With labor costs under US$200 a month in 2011, a full-time nanny is an economical option that many exercise. - Jun 2011

There are a few different options and most people have fulltime nannies. - May 2009

American International School and several other local preschools; no experience with them. - Dec 2008

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