Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Generally I've always felt safe in Maputo. Petty crime happens, but it seems to be crime of opportunity. I've had money stolen out of my car and things go missing from my home, but never anything major. - Feb 2020

Occasional muggings. They also seem to steal things like side mirrors off of cars. - Feb 2019

Lock you car doors around town. Park in an area that will not be subject to having car parts removed (once in a while you hear this happens). Don't be flashy to draw attention. I move around town freely, I drive, and I just keep my eyes open. - Feb 2017

Minor crimes are common (mugging, theft, etc.). Need to be smart. - Jan 2017

Maputo is rated critical for crime and for good reason - there were about 3 armed robberies of popular expat restaurants in my two years there, not to mention multiple reports of muggings on the street (but nearly always in the places where the RSO warns not to go). You definitely need to follow the RSO briefings and be aware. That being said, we encountered zero problems in our two years there - as do most everyone else. - Jul 2014

Crimes of opportunity like car break-ins and mugging. Also around the holidays, particularly Christmas/New Year, armed gangs attack restaurants and rob everyone inside. There have been spates of kidnappings and armed house break-ins. Rapes are underreported but occur frequently (not on the scale of South Africa though). - Apr 2014

Oh my, yes! Lots of crime and it can be violent. - Oct 2012

Crime is an everpresent threat. Those who experience the fewest problems are those who avoid being out at night, who avoid high crime areas, and who maintain a high awareness of their surroundings. - Jun 2011

Burglaries happen a lot. Find an enclosed area (better) or get an electric fence. - May 2010

Carjacking, house robbery and mugging on the streets are concerns. They seem to come in fits and spurts. Robbers are armed with guns. - May 2009

Some while walking on parts of the Marginal and at night. - Dec 2008

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