What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Most children go to the American International School of Mozambique. In general, the facility is beautiful and the class sized are small. However, I don't think the school is particularly good. I realize I don't pay the $25,000/child personally, but I don't think you get the bang for the buck. The school uses the International Bacheloreate system, which seems designed to prevent people from asking questions or holding teachers accountable. - Feb 2020

There are several flavors. Most people go to the AISM. It is IB PYP, MYP, and DP. Like all schools it has some issues, but a lot of dissatisfaction with the school could just be that people are unfamiliar with all the different levels of the IB program. - Feb 2019

There are about 4 International Schools that people use, plus a Montessori option. Our kids attend the American International School. They have enjoyed their time there, and we have been happy with their experience. It is slightly teacher-dependent on how your year goes. There will be a new director of the school in August 2017, which could prove to be a refreshing change. There are lots of good after-school activities, and the swimming program is very strong. - Feb 2017

I know there is are Portuguese, French, American, and Canadian schools. No experience with them. - Jan 2017

I have no personal experience but I know most are happy with the American school. - Jul 2014

AISM (American International School of Mozambique) is the preferred choice for U.S. Government families, foreign diplomats, and much of Mozambique's elite. However, there are other less expensive international schools in different languages that people also like. Kids and parents alike appeared to really like AISM and the school community was very strong. - Apr 2014

AISM is where most American Diplomats send their kids. There is also a French school and a Portuguese school. We were not impressed with AISM at all. They bragged about how they were one of the best in all of Africa, if so I'd hate to see the worst. The kids were educated and had some great teachers, but the communication from the school on every front was severely lacking. This school didn't have the high turnover rate that most International schools have, so you have a group of kids that have been here for years and really are not into accepting others that quickly. If your kids are outgoing, theough, they will adjust eventually. Knowing what we know now, I would not have accepted my position due to the school. - Oct 2012

AISM is the school of choice among the official Americans here, although there are other options. Expat Americans represent only something like 10% of AISM's population. - Jun 2011

There are American, French, Italian and Portuguese Schools, and an International one, which is not very good. Also a few small private schools with classes in English, which are a bit better and not as expensive as the American School - May 2010

AISM - American International School of Mozambique is an IB World school offering a high standard of education. They are currently running wait lists for many grade levels. There is also MIS - Maputo International School -- but I understand it is going through some administrative probelms at the moment - May 2009

American International is the best; offers all three levels of the IB program, small class sizes but growing each year. - Dec 2008

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