What is the air quality like at post (good/moderate/bad)? Are there seasonal air quality issues? Does the air quality have an impact on health?

Moderate. In general the air is fine, but people burn their trash so it can put a lot of smoke in the air. - Feb 2020

Some people have issues with new and different pollen here and the trash burning. - Feb 2019

It is pretty good, occasional burning of trash in some areas, which has bothered some families, but overall it is fine. We are on the ocean, and the breezes help. - Feb 2017

I think the air quality is fine, but people have had allergies here. - Jan 2017

Pretty good with the ocean breeze. I previously lived in crazy/dirty South Asia so my perspective may be skewed, but I had zero complaints. - Jul 2014

Fair. It will get worse once more infrastructural development comes into play but for now, it's fine. - Apr 2014

There was some pollution, but not anything that really bothered our family. The sea breeze usually blew everything away. Most pollution is from old diesel buses and trucks. The city of Maputo doesn't manufacture diddly, so there is not much in the way of air pollution from industry. - Oct 2012

Fair. There is a cloud of pollution that hangs over the city and everpresent dust, but the breeze off the Indian Ocean makes things seem fresh. Even still, you will find a layer of grime on your car every morning. - Jun 2011

Good, except in the crowded avenues, where it is moderate. - May 2010

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