Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Technically yes, but it is slow and expensive. We pay US $250 a month for 12MB speed. This is enough for streaming multiple devices, but just barely. We got our internet installed within the first two weeks of arriving. One thing we weren't prepared for was paying for three months in advance, which is common practice for businesses here. - Feb 2020

You can get up to 8 Mbps fiber currently. I pay about $60 per month for a 7Mbps that has a 80GB limit during business hours and unlimited nights and weekends. It only takes a few days to set up. - Feb 2019

Yes, it works pretty well for us. Quickly installed. You can bring an Apple TV type device, and stream videos no problem. - Feb 2017

High-speed is available and works well. It can take a few weeks to install, but people often get a dongle if they need Internet right away. You can buy a dongle in an hour and be set up. - Jan 2017

My husband relies on internet for work and - although he frequently found it frustrating as he frequently had to switch services depending on outages - it was doable. We paid about US$100/month for TVCabo, plus he had dongle SIMS for two of the cell companies in town that he used whenever TVCabo was down (about once per week on average). - Jul 2014

Yes, but "high-speed" is relative. Most people use TV Cabo, which is fine when it works, but if you ever need customer service, good luck! Their service standards are appalling. Others use Intra. Intra's customer service is very good, but its set up costs are high and its speed is slower than that of TV Cabo. - Apr 2014

Internet is there, but it is not high-speed. Different packages are available, including ADSL/Cable/Wireless. - Oct 2012

Same as above. - May 2010

Available but expensive $100/month. - May 2009

Yes, very expensive and not always reliable; must be able to speak Portuguese to order and understand the service. - Dec 2008

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