What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Typically we use the Deliva App or A Porta. Deliva is an "Uber-Eats", style food delivery service, and "A Porta", is the same for goods. Indian Food, Pizza, and chicken are easily purchased and deliverable. Pizza Hut and KFC are the only American fast food available in Mozambique. - Feb 2020

Lots of seafood, prego, piri-piri chicken, and picana. Can't go wrong ordering grilled prawns and some samosas. Not many restaurants offer delivery, but there is a new service with an app called Deliva that will pick up food for you. There is a decent Indian place that I order from occasionally. - Feb 2019

Some wonderful restaurants throughout the city. Food delivery is limited, but does exist from Indian restaurants and pizza spots. - Feb 2017

Restaurants: look on Tripadvisor :). A lot of fast food places (including the new Pizza Hut) deliver. - Jan 2017

Food is expensive in Maputo and the restaurant scene is uninspired. If you want basic food - such as grilled/fried chicken and limp french fries - that is easy to find and relatively cheap (US$5-7 for a plate of food). There are a ton of seafood restaurants, as well as the fish market, but it can be pricy (US$15-20 for a plate of food, minimum) and surprisingly not great quality. South Africa, on the other hand, is serious about culinary arts and there are awesome, cheap restaurants there (with amazing, cheap South African wine!) - Jul 2014

There are a number of surprisingly good restaurants in Maputo - you will quickly discover all of them. This doesn't mean they are not worth visiting several times. Most of the South African fast food chains are present except Nando's which is just a poor and expensive imitation of traditional Mozambican peri-peri chicken (once you've tasted that, you won't want to eat Nando's ever again)! Mozambique has surprisingly good pizza. - Apr 2014

Some of the usual American nasty fast food: KFC and in Nelspruit, McDonalds. Maybe a little cheaper than stateside prices. - Oct 2012

Chain restuarants are few and quite expensive. There are a number of decent restaurants in Maputo, and all typically are expensive. (A simple lunch is US$15 in 2011.) - Jun 2011

Only KFC! Price is low. - May 2010

There is KFC but no other fast food chain. There are some very good seafood restaurants. - May 2009

KFC but it's not very fast. Zambies and the Meat Company. - Dec 2008

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