What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

If you want any type of specialty beer, you need to buy it in South Africa or ship it with your consumables. There is not an IPA to be found in Mozambique. American condiments are difficult to impossible to find. In general, liquid goods are challenging to find. - Feb 2020

Liquids like craft beers and laundry detergent. The things you can't order through pouch. - Feb 2019

Liquids--I did not do a consumable shipment, but we can receive Amazon Prime Pantry easily. Restricted to 16 oz. per shipment, liquids. You can find almost anything here, though, and people travel to South Africa once in a while to do shopping for good meat, wine, cheese, etc. - Feb 2017

Honestly, nothing. Since we have access to Amazon shipping, there's not much I can't order online or find in South Africa. - Jan 2017

I was very happy that I shipped a lot of dry goods (toilet paper, paper towels, canned beans, flour, sugar, etc) - not because it's not available in Maputo but because it is much more expensive. I wish I had shipped more plastic items (like tupperware) because they are outrageously expensive for some reason. But really, with Amazon and the pouch, you can get whatever you want. - Jul 2014

Paper products, cleaning supplies, chocolate chips, basic first aid meds like pain killers (lots of fake drugs on the market), and books (they are very expensive locally). Everything else is pretty much available either locally or in South Africa and Swaziland. - Apr 2014

Anything from the States thats' near and dear to your heart. - Oct 2012

Paper products, maple syrup, diet soda, and lots more spaghetti sauce - Jun 2011

Furniture, bookcases. - May 2010

Specialty brands that you like, toiletries, bedding, furniture and curtains if possible -- these things are very expensive here for poor quality. - May 2009

Ketchup, maple syrup, salad dressing, Christmas decorations, clothes, shoes. - Dec 2008

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