How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

We typically use Diplomatic Pouch. Generally, it takes ten days to a month to receive packages from the US, and Amazon, Walmart, etc, all deliver to our pouch address. Local mail is slow and not dependable, although UPS and DHS exist for VERY expensive rates. - Feb 2020

Pouch. - Feb 2019

Receive through diplomatic pouch, do not send much as the size is limited in the pouch. But you can send small things, and letters. - Feb 2017

Embassy has mail service. - Jan 2017

DPO. - Apr 2014

The embassy has no APO/DPO service, only pouch. We were very limited on what we could bring in, no liquids. - Oct 2012

For official Americans, there is no DPO in 2011, only diplomatic pouch with severe restrictions on outgoing items. DHL and FedEx both provide dependable service in Maputo. - Jun 2011

Mail service is very unreliable. We only use the diplomatic pouch. - May 2009

I have pouch. - Dec 2008

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