What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There is a small gym in our apartment complex, and numerous gyms you can purchase memberships to. Gyms are somewhat less expensive than they are in the US, and of similar quality. Gyms cost US $70 -$90 a month, or more if you want private lessons (from a Crossfit Gym, for example.) - Feb 2020

Several options in nearby malls; I'm not a user. - Feb 2019

There are some gyms...not too expensive. - Feb 2017

Plenty of gyms/clubs to workout, not sure of cost. - Jan 2017

Yes, there are private gyms as well as a gym at the marine house. There are a few good yoga teachers around town, and many run/bike the marginal (although RSO would probably warn against this.) - Jul 2014

I used the Embassy gym but there are a couple of good gyms and personal trainers around town. Mozambicans are very fitness-oriented. - Apr 2014

Not really. The Marines have a gym you can ask to join, but that's about it. Get some kettle bells and go work out on the beach at low tide. - Oct 2012

Yes, but expensive. Those associated with the US Embassy can request access to the Marine House. - Jun 2011

Some. - May 2010

Yes. - May 2009

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