What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Just generally, be open to new experiences. There are lots of opportunities to do interesting, fun things, but they will take you out of your comfort zone. - Feb 2020

With all the new Chinese roads and bridges I don't know that anything is hidden anymore. Kruger is two hours away. Great beaches are one hour away. Elephant reserve is one hour away. SCUBA is one and a half hours away. In the last three months, I have only spent two weekends in town. - Feb 2019

Panorama Route is a hidden gem. There's a Mexican restaurant in White River. - Jan 2017

If you're into water sports (sailing, kitesurfing, sport fishing), Maputo has a lot to offer. Overall, though, I think the city is fairly boring and that's why so many get out of town so frequently. - Jul 2014

House calls by masasge therapists! No "hidden" gems, but trips to Kruger Park and the glass factory in Swaziland are a must. Sundowners at the Polana Hotel overlooking the Indian Ocean ... blissful (but expensive)! - Apr 2014

Kruger!!! And there are some awsome local beaches. And great seafood that is comparable to anywhere in the world. We enjoyed weekend runs into Nelspruit for some first-world town life with movies and malls. - Oct 2012

Kruger Park, the beaches, Nelspruit, hobbies, gathering with friends, cooking out - Jun 2011

Some bars and restaurants, with lots of different foods (though service is slow). If you want to see nature, take the car to South Africa. - May 2010

The beaches are beautiful and their are many you can reach in a regular weekend. There is also very good diving. Kruger Park in South Africa is also just an hour's drive away and is fabulous. - May 2009

Eat at the Meat Company and go next door to the Casinotravel to nearby islands, beaches, Kruger Park, S. Africa. - Dec 2008

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