Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Bugs are surprisingly uncommon in our home. Roaches, mosquitoes and the like do exist, but so do geckos, which seem to keep them in check. Termites do sometimes infest embassy-issued furniture, but you can have the Embassy spray for infestations. - Feb 2020

Mosquitos, fruit flies, and ants. - Feb 2019

Just mosquitoes, sometimes a few ants or cockroaches, but no infestations. - Feb 2017

It's Africa. There will be bugs, not infestations, but bugs. Flying cockroaches exist. They have big worms here. - Jan 2017

Mosquitos with malaria is the main one. You need to take malaria meds throughout the entire tour (although many choose not to - but at their own risk as malaria IS present in Maputo!) - Jul 2014

This is a malaria prone country. I didn't experience any problems with mosquitoes but I know many of my friends did. I actually had no insect problems at all. - Apr 2014

Malaria (four types), mango flies, ants. - Oct 2012

Four strains of malaria, ants, termites, spiders, centipedes, giant water bugs (google it), flies, bees, wasps, and, oh, roaches. An entymological wonderland. - Jun 2011

MALARIA! Watch for the mosquitoes. Nets are a must for children, and different neighborhoods have more or less incidence. - May 2010

Malaria, bring your bug spray! - May 2009

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