Can you save money?

Of course, it depends. It really depends not just on how much you travel, but also at what level (are you camping most of the time or staying at 5-star hotels?) And how much do you eat out? If you're mainly cooking at home, and traveling cheaply, I think you can save money but it will be close. - Jul 2014

Yes, if you don't leave the country every other weekend. The local crafts are "okay," but the quality is inconsistent. Neighboring countries have a wider variety of crafts of significantly better quality. - Apr 2014

Depends on how much you need to get away from the poverty. - Oct 2012

Yes, if housing is covered by your government. - May 2010

It is expensive here for rent and food, so it truly depends on your package. We know people who are saving quite a lot and some who are saving nothing. - May 2009

No. - Dec 2008

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