But don't forget your:

Sunscreen, bug spray, sense of adventure. - Feb 2020

PADI Cert. - Feb 2019

Shoes--plan ahead and buy for kids in advance. Birthday presents for kids' parties (stock up). - Feb 2017

Sunscreen, camping gear, love of road trips, and appreciation for fine South African wine. - Jul 2014

Patience and sense of humor. - Apr 2014

patience and a strong will for turning away from the beggars and the poverty. This place is not run efficiently in any shape or form, so be prepared. If you keep your expectations low, every once in awhile you'll be pleasantly surprised. Graft and corruption are the norm at every level of society. - Oct 2012

Anti-malarials and roadmap of South Africa. - Jun 2011

Malaria medicines. Take them as soon as you get typical symptoms, don`t wait a lot for the dyagnosys. If you have been to South America, bear in mind that African Malaria is MUCH more dangerous. - May 2010

sunscreen, bathing suits, mountain bike, sailing equipment, BBQ tools, camping equipment, and sense of adventure. - May 2009

Sunscreen, mosquito repellant, and anti-malaria meds. - Dec 2008

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