If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Cold weather clothes, - Feb 2020

Winter coats. - Feb 2017

Winter clothes. - Jul 2014

Expectation of anything ever happening in a timely manner or repairs being done correctly the first or second time. Leave behind heavy winter clothing, but do bring light jackets and sweaters. - Apr 2014

sense of urgency, common sense (well, bring some but keep it on the shelf). Thinking that the embassy is run by Americans and should hold all to that standard, alas, many of us let the locally-employed-staff continue to fumble around making the same errors again and again, not holding folks accountable or getting them the proper training. - Oct 2012

Wristwatch. Man, are these people laid back. - Jun 2011

Warm clothes. - May 2010

winter clothes and formal wear. - May 2009

Pedicures, the dusty roads ruin them. - Dec 2008

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