Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Air quality can be bad from people burning trash, and I would suggest people take their doxycycline. - Feb 2020

Malaria is a concern. Health care is not good. - Feb 2019

We take malaria meds, and sleep under nets. We came with a child who has a medical condition, and we have been happy with the access both in Maputo (ICOR) and in South Africa so nearby. You would be medically evacuated for surgeries to South Africa. - Feb 2017

Embassy Med Unit is fine; South Africa nearby for major needs (including driving to Nelspruit 2.5 hours away if needed). Most people take an antimalarial drug. - Jan 2017

Malaria is a health concern. Medical care in Maputo is ok and South Africa is only a few hours away for anything that can't be dealt with locally. - Jul 2014

HIV is prevalent as is malaria. This is a promiscuous society and safe sex is an absolute necessity. HIV/AIDS may no longer be the death sentence of the past but is it really worth being on harsh drugs for the rest of your life? - Apr 2014

Oh yeah, malaria is everywhere, as are mango flies, and medical care is not great. All of us went to SA for anything serious. - Oct 2012

There is no local medical care beyond the most rudimentary that rises to Western standards at this time. For anything more than the sniffles, you will have to go to neighboring South Africa or beyond. - Jun 2011

MALARIA. They have the necessary medicines, but sometimes the doctors are not too good. Some people had bad experiences with the most recommended hospitals. - May 2010

Medical care is a concern in Maputo but South Africa is only 2 hours away and the care in Nelspruit is very good. - May 2009

Water is unsafe to drink, fruits and vegetables must be washed before eating, poor medical care with Portuguese speaking doctors only. - Dec 2008

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