What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

People get together for dinner commonly, or they'll gather at an Embassy event (Wine and Cheese, etc.) The Hash House Harriers have a strong presence here. - Feb 2020

If you want to hand out with other expats, just plan a trip to the beach and invite whom ever you run into. - Feb 2019

Most socialization is the norm: going out to dinner or bbq parties. Everyone travels a lot over the weekend. - Jan 2017

BBQs, pool parties with grilled seafood, group camping trips. And plenty of nightlife and live music, if you're into that! (Just be prepared to stay out late!) - Jul 2014

Beaches, BBQs, houseparties, regional travel, and dating (plenty of that to be had). There are some "luxury" resorts along the coasts but they are EXPENSIVE! Everyone should go at least once though. - Apr 2014

Many house parties and get-togethers, Kruger, and trips outside the city. There are a few restaurants that offer some awesome food, but outside of that not much. You'll need to spend money to get outside of Maputo once in a while. Oh, there are a few places, as far as nightclubs and a casino. I went to one club, once, just once: a very interesting clientele. - Oct 2012

Unless you are into the bar scene, you will pretty much be making your own fun. That said, the almost universally gorgeous weather makes a barbecue with friends a most pleasant way to spend an afternoon, without the distractions you would have in many other places. - Jun 2011

Some bars, one good concert hall. - May 2010

Many dinner parties, jazz clubs, pool gatherings; it is a very social and relaxed community. - May 2009

Clubs that serve all ages, no drinking restrictions; house music. - Dec 2008

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