What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

Spouses can ONLY work through the embassy, as there is no third-party (bilateral) work agreement in Mozambique. I assume teleworking is authorized though. If you plan to work at the embassy, keep in mind that the security clearance process can be extremely time-consuming. People commonly wait 6-18 months for clearances. If you can arrive with a clearance it will save you a ton of headaches when you arrive. Pay seems low but not unreasonably so, given local expenses. - Feb 2020

There is a good number of EFM jobs at post. There is no bilateral work agreement. EFMs wanting to work out of the mission like at the school, would need to leave the country and apply for a work visa in their tourist passport. The French school recently got in lots of trouble for employing diplomatic spouses and others without work visas. - Feb 2019

There are a few options in the embassy for spouses. Some people telecommute back to a job in the U.S. Otherwise, it is not easy as there is no bilateral work agreement with Mozambique and the U.S. - Feb 2017

Work at Embassy or telework, part-time and full-time seem common. - Jan 2017

NO! This is a big deal, so please read if your spouse wants to work. The USG does NOT have a bilateral work agreement with Mozambican so the only jobs available are at the Embassy. We were one of the lucky ones as my husband telecommutes for an American company. - Jul 2014

Yes and no. This country has a very poor professional class due to low education levels. Expats could fill the gap but protectionist labor laws make it difficult for foreigners to get work permits even if their skills are needed. This means locals with professional skills are often not loyal to any organization and play them against each other to get higher salaries. - Apr 2014

Nop.e - Oct 2012

Zero - Jun 2011

Yes, among international agencies. - May 2010

This is quite difficult if you do not have a strong language ability in Portuguese. There are teaching jobs available at the international schools for certified teachers. - May 2009

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