What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

There are about 300 Americans living in Maputo. It seems like people here are pretty happy overall. It's a beautiful place to live and there are lots of travel opportunities. - Feb 2020

Expat community is pretty big. People are mostly happy. - Feb 2019

Fairly large expat community, and morale is high for most. If you come knowing this post is what you make it, you will love it. You cannot have a list in your mind of what is missing. You will find lots of positive things here with the right outlook. - Feb 2017

American community is very large. Portuguese community is also very large. Morale is okay. Africa can wear you down, but there are plenty pros and people seem happy. - Jan 2017

The expat community is huge - especially when you consider the large amounts of Portuguese and South Africans who live in Maputo permanently. Overall, morale is good but really varies. The morale within the Embassy community is just ok - the Embassy itself is separated across multiple buildings throughout the city and the lack of a unified workplace really shows in divisions in the community as well (but they will soon start construction on a NEC). As I already mentioned, many travel out of town frequently so that contributes to a lack of a sense of community as well. - Jul 2014

Large community initially consisting of NGOs and aid workers, but with the gas industry, there are more gas related companies sending employees and their families. Morale is relatively high due to the relaxed lifestyle. - Apr 2014

Pretty big with numerous Embassies/NGOs and expats. - Oct 2012

Big. Not only there are many embassies, but also lots of International cooperation. - May 2010

Growing bigger every day with the increase in aid money flowing into the country and foreign investment. - May 2009

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